Firefighter Ferris…….. the man, the legend …. the Firefighter.

FireFighter Ferris Folley…. Who is he?….. Where is he?….. Well, he is everyone, and he is everywhere. We all know a Firefighter Ferris Folley…. or close to it. Maybe we know a couple of people that if you combine their awesome qualities, then the result could be just like Firefighter Ferris. Truth be know, he is the type of person we all secretly want to be like, …I know I do. Some may even think they are, but they are just dreaming!!

This doesn’t mean that Firefighter Ferris is perfect. He has his flaws, but they are the type of flaws that endear us to him.

Now, Firefighter Ferris can’t be everything to everyone, and there will be some people out there that just don’t connect with the great man for whatever reason. If that’s the case, then switch channels as there is no point wasting your time and Firefighter Ferris wishes you the best.

But the rest of us are in for a ride. I can only speak for myself, but when you get to know the legend that is Firefighter Ferris like I do, then your life will change forever. To be in the presence of such awesomeness, is like basking in the sun on a glorious day….. You feel all warm and content and just like with a suntan, you walk away with a little of his awesomeness baked into your skin (without the risk of skin cancer).

Firefighter Ferris is not just the ultimate firefighter (which he is), he is much more. He takes it to another level away from the fire ground as no other can. Whether it’s catching a wave, carving some trails, putting for birdies, or just making the ladies swoon, there is nothing he doesn’t excel at…..nothing I know of anyway.

Chuck Norris and James Bond are names that just roll off the tongue and really need no explanation about who and what they are…… Firefighter Ferris Folley HAS the attributes to rub shoulders in such esteemed company and one day I’m sure will be spoken of in conversations about “iconic” figures around BBQ’s or other gatherings where such topics come up.

Join me in saying that you knew the great man at the beginning and were part of his crew. If you are searching for a “Guru” to follow and base your life choices on….your search is over… you have found him.

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